Controlling R2D2 via Windows Phone 7

Today, a good friend of mine Dimitris-Ilias Gkanatsios and I decided to mix our hobbies and create something new. So what we did was to take an LEGO Mindtstorms robot that I built a couple years ago and make it controllable from his Windows Phone 7. Since the Windows Phone 7 API didn’t allow access to the bluetooth stack of the phone that the robot required we decided to use a PC as an intermediate and utilize web services consumed by the windows phone 7 so as to achieve remote control. I quickly made a WPF form and Mr.Gkanatsios builded the WCF services required for the Windows Phone 7 control.

Controlling a R2D2 (Lego MindStorms NXT) robot with Windows Phone 7 from Alexander Sigaras on Vimeo.


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