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Alexandros Sigaras is currently a Graduate Student in the Department of Computer Science at Columbia University. Furthermore, he is a graduate researcher in the Columbia Robotics Laboratory working on Brain Computer Interfaces and laparoscopic surgery. He is a recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship (2012).

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In this presentation, conducted on 03-15-2010 @ University of Piraeus, I gave a small 30' presentation to my colleagues introducing them to Silverlight. The presentation was mostly based in interactive demos like augmented reality with the SLAR Toolkit, a Facebook Silverlight Client, Microsoft Health demos and a greek Project named "Virtual Fire" that forecasts fire probability and help prevent them. The slides presented are in Greek, but are free and available to anyone for download.
[Download Presentation Slides]
StudentGuru – IT Challenge support training for Imagine
Cup 2011
In this presentation, conducted online on 11-02-2010, I co-presented with my friend Iraklis Psaroudakis giving an 1 hour and 20 minutes presentation training people from the StudentGuru Community (www.studentguru.gr) on Microsoft's IT Technologies, such as Windows Client Machines, Windows Servers, Exchange servers etc. Most people that participated in the live meeting, competed also in the IT Challenge category of Imagine Cup competition (www.imaginecup.com) breaking the previous record of people passing to the Worldwide Semi-Finals. The video and most of the slides presented are in Greek, but are free and available to anyone for download. Many thanks to my friend Iraklis for helping me give the best of my self to the presentation.
[Download Presentation Slides]
In this presentation, conducted on 11-21-2008 @ Microsoft Hellas premises, I gave an 1 hour presentation introducing people from the StudentGuru Community (www.studentguru.gr) to Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 (MRDS 2008). Most of the presentation is based on live demos and hands on code, in order to fully realize the potential of MRDS 2008. There is also a custom made R2D2 LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot in the presentation demos for robot enthusiasts. The video and the slides presented are in Greek, but at least the demo samples can be downloaded by anyone!
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Mentoring 2.0

Mentoring 2.0 Mentoring 2.0


Logistics Management


Controlling a R2D2 (Lego MindStorms NXT) robot with Windows Phone 7

  • Today, a good friend of mine Dimitris-Ilias Gkanatsios and I decided to mix our hobbies and create something new. So what we did was to take an LEGO Mindtstorms robot that I built a couple years ago and make it controllable from his Windows Phone 7. Since the Windows Phone 7 API didn't allow access to the bluetooth stack of the phone that the robot required we decided to use a PC as an intermediate and utilize web services consumed by the windows phone 7 so as to achieve remote control. I quickly made a WPF form and Mr.Gkanatsios builded the WCF services required for the Windows Phone 7 control.
    [Download Source Code]


  • YelpMark is a Yelp bookmark enhancing web application that enables users to tag and save businesses discovered through the Yelp API. Users are able to see ratings, reviews, business information, and retrieve driving directions to the business. With YelpMark users can search via voice or simple text input. Yelpmark supports geolocation, helping users find local results faster. Users can filter both bookmarks and search results by rating, user defined tag, and category.



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